Deep blue skies I miss
No fluffy white clouds just haze
I am counting days


Batanes 2015


Donning a headgear called Vakul

Batanes is one of my dream destinations.  Recently, I was able to experience and explore the northernmost and the smallest province of the country.  This picturesque group of islands holds numerous breathtaking landscapes. No wonder, several local romantic movies and prenup videos were taken in this idyllic paradise. But this postcard perfect place comes with a hefty price tag in terms of airfare. And the expression “Traveling is expensive” aptly applies, more so when you are traveling alone.

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Love’s elusive nature
Starting to abjure
Salvation is slipping
Heart is breaking
Succumb to loneliness
Empty words and promises
Ruminated on the situation
While on a short vacation
I was not the one you’re looking for
‘Tis time for me to leave, therefore

Batanes Recounted

Lighthouses perched on top of cliffs

Goats and cattle grazing on lush rolling hills

Centuries old stone houses and churches

Frolic at secluded white sand or boulder beaches

Board in a faluwa or hop in a tricycle

Explore the place on foot or bicycle

Sunsets, sunrise, hellos and goodbyes

Enjoy every minute as time flies