Batanes 2015


Donning a headgear called Vakul

Batanes is one of my dream destinations.  Recently, I was able to experience and explore the northernmost and the smallest province of the country.  This picturesque group of islands holds numerous breathtaking landscapes. No wonder, several local romantic movies and prenup videos were taken in this idyllic paradise. But this postcard perfect place comes with a hefty price tag in terms of airfare. And the expression “Traveling is expensive” aptly applies, more so when you are traveling alone.

  • Though airfare is costly, there are times when airlines servicing Basco throws in the much-anticipated seat sale promo. You just have to be one ultimate abanger by checking Skyjet, Northpacific, or PAL from time to time. If you get lucky, a round trip ticket back to Manila costs less than a thousand
  • Solo travelers can avail group tours or team up with fellow solivagants to split up tour expenses, thus making one’s sojourn extremely economical
  • Scrimp and save cash by choosing homestay instead of hotel. And since any trip is just incomplete without sampling the local delicacies, celebrating fiesta among the hospitable locals is one great way to sample the dishes for free!
Airlines and Flight Schedules
  • PAL – Daily (Manila-Basco/vice versa)
  • Skyjet- MWF (Manila-Basco/vice versa)
  • Northsky and Sky Pasada – No definite schedule (Tuguegarao-Basco/vice versa) Northsky airlines also caters Itbayat island but theres no definite schedule/ flies only upon the availability of passengers
My Itinerary
My original plan was to have some rest on day 1 and start the tour on day 2 but the excitement got the better of me and so the tour started on the day of my arrival

Valugan Boulder Beach

Day 1 – October 4: ARRIVAL / North Batan Tour (P1,000/2)
06:00 am – ETD NAIA Terminal3
07:45 am – ETA Basco Airport
08:10 am – Check in at Wakay Homestay/Rest
11:30 am – Lunch/bike around town
02:00 pm –  Batan NORTH Tour
Basco Lighthouse
Vayang Rolling Hills
Valugan Boulder Beach
Japanese Tunnel
Basco Idjang
Tukon Radar Station
Tukon Chapel
Basco Cathedral
06:00 pm – Sunset at Naidi Hills / Dinner at Pension Ivatan Restaurant
07:30 pm – Back at Wakay Homestay

Limestone Arc formation

Day 2 – October 5: Sabtang Tour (P800/2)
To get to Sabtang Island, you need to board the faluwa at Ivana Port. Roundtrip tricycle transfers cost: P440 OR hop in for early morning jeepney ride for P52 The boat leaves some time between 6:00am to 7:00am and returns at 2:00pm.
04:00 am – Depart for Ivana Port(Jeepney)
05:30 am – Ivana Port
07:00 am – Boarding
08:00 am – San Vicente Port, Sabtang
08:10 am – SABTANG TOUR
Sabtang Town Tour
Savidug Village and Idjang
Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint
Chavayan Village
Limestone Arc formation
Morong beach
Malakdang lighthouse
12:00 nn – Lunch
01:30 pm – Back at Sabtang Port
02:00 pm – Boarding
03:00 pm – Ivana Port/ Visit Honesty Shop and Ivana Church
03:30 pm – Jeepney ride back to Basco
04:30 pm – Back at Wakay Homestay
05:00 pm – Bike to Valugan Boulder Beach
06:30 pm – Bike around town / Dinner at D’islands Restaurant
07:30 pm – Back at Wakay Homestay
Marlboro Country

Marlboro Country

Day 3 – October 6: South Batan Tour (P1500/2)
06:30 am – Breakfast at North Spirit Cafe
07:00 am – Start Batan SOUTH Tour
Marlboro Country
Diura Beach
Honesty Shop
Tayid Lighthouse
House of Dakay
Chawa Viewdeck
Homoron White Beach
Spanish Lagoon
Imnajbu Beach and Chapel
Alapad Pass
Songsong Ruins
Spanish Bridge
Mahatao Boat Shelter
03:00 pm – End of tour
04:30 pm – Bike to Valugan Boulder Beach
06:00 pm – Dinner at Wakay Homestay
A table of fresh organic meal as we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary

A table of fresh organic meal as we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary

Day 4 – October 7: Idle moment
05:30 am – Walk to Basco Lighthouse
06:30 am – Snacks
07:30 am – Bike around town/ visit capitol for maps
08:00 am – Uphill bike to Rolling hills
10:30 am – Rest
11:15 am – Celebrate Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
02:30 pm – Rest
05:30 pm – Dinner at Ela’s Foodhaus
07:30 pm – Pack things for the next day departure

Vayang Rolling Hills

Day 5 – October 8: DEPARTURE
04:30 am – Wake up
05:00 am – Sunrise at Mt. Carmel Church (P180)
06:00 am – Snacks
06:30 am  – Check out
07:15 am – Walk to Airport
08:10 am – ETD Basco Airport
09:55 am – ETA NAIA Terminal 3

Mt. Carmel Church

Budget Breakdown
P200 – Davao Terminal Fee
P500 – North Tour (P1000/2 pax)
P750 – South Tour (P1500/2pax)
P400 – Sabtang Tour (P800/2 pax)
P250 – Sunrise at Mt. Carmel
P52 – RT Basco-Ivana Port jeepney
P150 – RT Sabtang Island Boat Fare
P200 – Sabtang Environmental Fee
P1686– Total Food expenses (Breakfast/Snacks, Lunch, Dinner)
P1400 – Wakay Homestay (5D4N)
P1310 – Wine/souvenir
P100 – Basco Terminal Fee


Spring of Health and Youth

For Tricycle Tours
Contact Eugenio “Kuya Eugene” Castillo
(0920) 609 0770
Kuya Eugene

Kuya Eugene

Need a place to stay
Contact Ate Esther of Wakay Homestay
09989841062 , 09173535356
Ate Esther and Kuya Goding

Ate Esther and Kuya Goding


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