$100 Challenge in Burma


This is how a moment of obtuseness got me to save US$150 from my supposedly USD250 budget trip in Burma/Myanmar. Continue reading


39th National MILO Marathon Davao Leg

I am fond of making plans down to the very last detail, but most of the time those plans don’t go the way I wanted. Nonetheless, things always work out in the end.

My supposedly before running ‘to do’ lists were: pack an extra shirt, sleep at least 6hrs, have a light meal, and tape each toe to prevent blisters. Well, I left my extra shirt on top of my bed. Instead of ‘at least 6hrs sleep’ I had an hour nap. Water was never in any way a light meal. Moleskin was never used and blisters were my prize. Despite all those little blunders, I was able to finishmy first 5k run in less than 50 minutes. Achievement unlocked! 😀