Easy Pickled Bitter Gourd

I never liked bitter gourd or commonly known in the Philippines as ampalaya. But pickled ampalaya is an exception. With just right bitter-sweet-and-sour and a lot of crunch, I’d say it’s the perfect partner for fried fish and extra rice (lol). 

Note: Pickled/burong ampalaya process takes a lot of squeeze and mix, so get your hands ready. Continue reading

Damosa Food Fest

Damosa Bazaar, Damosa Weekend Market and now, Damosa Food Fest. It was only 6pm but the whole place was buzzing with food lovers. Tables were already full with group of friends chatting while waiting for their food. Live band also started playing earlier than usual. The whole place was alive! My friends and I ordered grilled tuna, pork and chicken barbeques, puso rice, 2 viet pizza, and nachos. Food+music+friends = best way to end the day.