What’s next?

I detest the feeling of chasing time. So, getting stuck in a traffic jam going to the office is a big ‘oh no!’ for me. Unfortunately, I got stuck on one earlier. Being antsy when I know I’m running late, I decided to walk.

Despite the humid weather, the commotion of onlookers, the vehicles, and the shards of glass on the ground, there was a deafening silence and chilling coldness in the air as I passed by the area where the tragic accident happened.

For the most part of my day, I felt this harrowing pain in my chest for the casualties, and for their families…actually more on their families and loved ones. Because when you’re dead…you are dead and there’s nothing you can do about it. But for your loved ones left behind, it’s something else. They have to live each day getting used to the pain of losing a part of themselves.

Anyway, it would have taken a few days for me to get rid of my emo’ness alone. But a dear friend was able to brighten up my day just by our conversation laden with dark humor.

Life really is short. And when you die, you’ll be dead for a long time. Lol.


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