Queen of the Night

This afternoon I noticed my TanHua/Kadupul have blossoms. Sadly, they already bloomed the night or 2 before because they did not when I went around 10:30pm to check if they would open. But I’m still glad knowing that my cuttings from my grandma’s garden have flower blossoms. 

I recall that time when my cousins and I have a sleepover at Lola Ximen’s house, this rare beauty was in full bloom and its scent was carried by the gentle evening breeze. Walking underneath those pale white with a touch of pink outer petals was both visual and olfactory treat. And that was when I vowed to have that flower in my own garden.

Kadupul/Tan Hua, more aptly called the Queen of the Night blooms in the evening and only for an hour or two, emitting a light sweet scent. Anyway, I hope that Tanhua scene is included in the upcoming movie adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians. I would be totally disappointed if they would omit it. 😑

Update: July 27|10pm 

I got a chance to see my Tan Hua bloom!



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