Avocado smoothie 

Aside from eating avocado as it is or sometimes with a pinch of salt and pepper, the popular way my family and friends eat this fruit it to pair it with sugar or make a smoothie out of it.

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Duck meat BBQ skewers 


This week’s foodfest theme is Kalsada, where common noshes and nibbles found in street/night markets in Davao are sold. My friends and I ate buchi (we tried all fillings like chocolate, ube, strawberry and matcha) while roaming the area.

We also tried Dynamite (but it’s too spicy that we didn’t finish it), dragonball (deep fried siomai-like with fringe-looking outer cover fingerfood), and vegan ice-cream.
We settled in a vacant table at one corner for dinner. I tried duck meat tapa and duck meat bbq skewers, while my friends went for chicken and pork. I was surprised that the duck bbq turned out to be tender and juicy. It was seasoned and grilled to perfection.