I Kendo this

Was not really interested in Kendo until last year (July 2016 to be exact). If I didn’t have a scheduled trip during that time I would have been part of batch 7. Anyhow, I finally got myself to be part of batch 9 this year.

June 17|Saturday
It’s hard. After 2.5hrs, both arms are numb. I can’t even have a drink without using both hands to hold my water bottle. Blisters in palms and soles hurt A LOT!
Also, I committed a lot of mistakes from footwork to the correct way of holding the shinai and was also called out by sensei Lim for being too stiff. Lol! I hope I could get things right next Saturday.

June 18| Sunday
In addition to my battered arms, my calves hurt. And I’m tempted to take in some pain relievers. But nah, I’m still good. I’ll get used to this feeling.

June 21| Wednesday
Arms, shoulders, and legs still hurt. But not as much as last Sunday.

June 24| Saturday
2nd session. Was unable to attend the stretching session but muscles are not as sore as last week. AAAND I think I’m getting better with the routine hehehe. But my endurance sucks. We were made to jump 100 times and had to stop and do everything from the start if we mess up. But overall I’m good. I love everything about Kendo.

July 1|Saturday
3rd session. Was right on time for the practice. Got dizzy. Probably due to the cold wind and exhaustion

July 8|Saturday
Missed my class. Booo! But I’ll make it up by doing my own practice and endurance exercises tomorrow

July 15|Saturday

4th session. Another set of blisters…and I’m out. 


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