Avocado smoothie 

Aside from eating avocado as it is or sometimes with a pinch of salt and pepper, the popular way my family and friends eat this fruit it to pair it with sugar or make a smoothie out of it.

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Easy Pickled Bitter Gourd

I never liked bitter gourd or commonly known in the Philippines as ampalaya. But pickled ampalaya is an exception. With just right bitter-sweet-and-sour and a lot of crunch, I’d say it’s the perfect partner for fried fish and extra rice (lol). 

Note: Pickled/burong ampalaya process takes a lot of squeeze and mix, so get your hands ready. Continue reading

Easy Nacho Style Beef and Chips

I’ve come across a post about an easy snack that’s perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon. Inspired by a friend who always order nachos whenever we eat out,  I decided to make my version using a pack of chips and a hefty amount of creamy cheesy sauce. Unlike the Facebook post where cheese spread and mayonnaise were used, I opted for a bechamel sauce instead. Continue reading