I Kendo this

Was not really interested in Kendo until last year (July 2016 to be exact). If I didn’t have a scheduled trip during that time I would have been part of batch 7. Anyhow, I finally got myself to be part of batch 9 this year. Continue reading


Damosa Food Fest

Damosa Bazaar, Damosa Weekend Market and now, Damosa Food Fest. It was only 6pm but the whole place was buzzing with food lovers. Tables were already full with group of friends chatting while waiting for their food. Live band also started playing earlier than usual. The whole place was alive! My friends and I ordered grilled tuna, pork and chicken barbeques, puso rice, 2 viet pizza, and nachos. Food+music+friends = best way to end the day.

Weekend Workout

Walking two dogs at a time for an hour daily is the only form of exercise I have lately. Sometimes my dogs and I would run for a few meters and then resume walking briskly.


Last Friday, a friend invited me and some of our officemates to Velocity Plus. And my oh my! My thighs, arms, back and core got all sore, but I’m loving it.

Though I love how sore my tummy feels, I just can’t tolerate the pain I had on my knee during the session. So I guess, I’ll have to go back to my yoga-Pilates classes soon. 😉

39th National MILO Marathon Davao Leg

I am fond of making plans down to the very last detail, but most of the time those plans don’t go the way I wanted. Nonetheless, things always work out in the end.

My supposedly before running ‘to do’ lists were: pack an extra shirt, sleep at least 6hrs, have a light meal, and tape each toe to prevent blisters. Well, I left my extra shirt on top of my bed. Instead of ‘at least 6hrs sleep’ I had an hour nap. Water was never in any way a light meal. Moleskin was never used and blisters were my prize. Despite all those little blunders, I was able to finishmy first 5k run in less than 50 minutes. Achievement unlocked! 😀