Queen of the Night

This afternoon I noticed my TanHua/Kadupul have blossoms. Sadly, they already bloomed the night or 2 before because they did not when I went around 10:30pm to check if they would open. But I’m still glad knowing that my cuttings from my grandma’s garden have flower blossoms.  Continue reading


So, this is Martial Law

Today, Pres. Digong placed the whole island of Mindanao under Martial Law. His decision came after a pipitsuging terrorist group attacked Marawi last night. Security check has been upped by a level, other than that,  life here is still the same. I still get to travel late in the evening. I still see malls and markets flocked by multitudes. Continue reading

Dirt road

It has been a while since I’ve written something. I have been a little busy adjusting to change. You see, change is good but the adjustment process that goes with it is another thing. It’s like going on a road trip. I know where the destination is, what to bring, how get there, the travel time, etc. Basically, I think I’ve come in ready and then, poof! life happens. The dirt road that I expected has been turned into an offroad challenge. Continue reading


I got teary-eyed watching the inauguration of RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE, 16th President of The Republic of The Philippines. We were cheering like crazy while looking at the tv. Everyone was ecstatic. Sense of pride was evident in the atmosphere…proud that our former mayor is sworn to office as the highest official of this country.

Continue reading

Les Misérables

The musical concert for the benefit of the Indigent Children Education Assistance that I attended earlier was satisfyingly delightful. Despite some technical challenges, the team has pulled it off well.  Singing each line and acting at the same time is no joke. I can’t help but think about the time these young talented people have painstakingly spent on rehearsing each scene to perfection.

I wonder, do performers still feel stage fright?