Half moons

walking in an empty paved street

a town seems hauntingly like Crete

half moon and stars covered by clouds

some alleys barely has a crowd

star gazing as the cold wind blew

from time to time, starlight shines through

arrived at the top of the hill

took a rest as the time stood still

soft drizzle fall, heard someone call

as i look around, there i see

warmest smile as he walked near me

a rainbow, and another pair

wind blowing, calmness in the air

crickets singing on a hushed tune

reminding me the month of June

i looked up and saw four half moons

tried capturing it with my phone

I looked around and he was gone

calling a name i don’t recall

searched the place, ‘saw an empty hall

’bout to cry… but woke up and smiled



Feels like time is cheating us
When we’re together, hours are not enough
But when we are apart,
Clumsy hands of clock barely moves a spot

Can’t explain this feeling
All day long, thoughts of you kept me smiling
It seems funny but odd
Can’t it be that I’m falling in love?

Thinking when it will end
Gives me a vision of rose in bend
Though when you cheer me up
This premonition keeps haunting me at

You’ve always assure me
You’ll stay true to your promise come what may
‘keep on reminding me
That soon better days are coming our way

Can it possibly be?
You and I will stay forever this way
When I know for a fact
That someday you and I will surely part


Love’s elusive nature
Starting to abjure
Salvation is slipping
Heart is breaking
Succumb to loneliness
Empty words and promises
Ruminated on the situation
While on a short vacation
I was not the one you’re looking for
‘Tis time for me to leave, therefore

Batanes Recounted

Lighthouses perched on top of cliffs

Goats and cattle grazing on lush rolling hills

Centuries old stone houses and churches

Frolic at secluded white sand or boulder beaches

Board in a faluwa or hop in a tricycle

Explore the place on foot or bicycle

Sunsets, sunrise, hellos and goodbyes

Enjoy every minute as time flies